Do You Know About The National Conference Held July 8th - 12th In Washington DC?

Animal Rights 2004 is the animal rights movement's annual national conference. It provides a forum for sharing knowledge, discussing strategies and tactics, networking, and "recharging our batteries."

Animal Rights 2004 brings our movement together under the banner of total animal liberation from human oppression. All viewpoints and factions that support this goal are welcome, except the of advocacy of bodily injury or threats thereof. It hosts a variety of opinions and debates within an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning.

Animal Rights 2004 reflects America's continuing concern with terror. Indeed, it is dedicated to exposing and challenging the terror perpetrated every day by our society against billions of innocent, sentient nonhuman animals.

PRESENTERS (list in formation)

Rita Anderson - In Defense of Animals
Josh Balk
- Compassion Over Killing
Patti Bednarik - Pennsylvania Animal Law Comm.
Josephine Bellaccomo - Author "Move the Message"
Steve Best - University of Texas (El Paso)
Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Lawrence Carter-Long - In Defense of Animals
Jerry Cook - Meat-Free Zone
Janel Crowder - Healing Species
Cory Davis - CARE Tour
Karen Davis - United Poultry Concerns
Karen Dawn - DawnWatch & KPFK's Watchdog
Jasmijn de Boo - AW scientist, electoral candidate
Christine Dorchak - GREY2KUSA
Joan Dunayer - Author "Animal Equality"
Suzanne Elliott - Healthy Planet of Brevard
Janet Enoch - Animal Trust of America
Sybil Erden - Oasis Sanctuary
Debra Erenberg - The ETHIC
Leonora Esquivel Frias - Anima Naturalis
Julie Eyrich - Rochester Animal Protection Society
Pamelyn Ferdin - Animal Defense League - LA
Mary Finelli - animal rights activist
Michael Fox - author, "The Boundless Circle"
Lester Friedlander - former USDA veterinarian
Elliot Gang - animal rights activist
Christine Garcia - animal rights attorney
Caryn Ginsberg - Animal Strategies
Tim Gorski - Rattle the Cage Productions
Nicole Green - AAVS/Animalearn
Michael Greger - physician, lecturer
Tammy Grimes - Dogs Deserve Better
Camille Hankins - FARM
Tippi Hedren - American Sanctuary Association
Nik Hensey - No Compromise
Alex Hershaft - FARM
Steve Hindi - SHARK
AR Hogan - animal rights activist
Patti Howard - Re-Defeat Bush
Kevin Jonas - SHAC-USA
Dena Jones - animal protection consultant
Pattrice Jones - Eastern Shore Sanctuary
Roberta Kalechofsky - Jews for Animal Rights
Elliot Katz - In Defense of Animals
Andrew Knight - Animal Consultants International
Rick Kump - Teen Activists of Brevard
James LaVeck - Tribe of Heart
Greg Lawson - Vegetarian Society of El Paso
Julie Lewin - Nat'l Institute for Animal Advocacy
Jacquie Lewis - SPEAK
Howard Lyman - Voice For a Viable Future
Danielle Marino - Protecting Animals, USA
Anthony Marr - CARE Tour
Jim Mason - Kinship
Kim McCoy - animal rights activist
Shirley McGreal - Int'l Primate Protection League
Crystal Miller-Spiegel - American Antivivisection Society
Leslie Moffat - Animals Angels
Dawn Moncrief -
Peter Muller - League of Humane Voters
Robert Nixon - Humane Political Action Committee
Jack Norris - Vegan Outreach
lauren Ornelas - Viva!USA
Miyun Park - Compassion Over Killing
Kristal Parks - peace activist
Lori Peterson - Black Beauty
Kristie Phelps - In Defense of Animals
Dan Piraro - BIZARRO cartoonist
Susan Prolman - animal rights activist
Gabe Quash -
Veg Video
Tom Regan - author "Empty Cages"

Nathan Runkle - Mercy for Animals
Sherry Schlueter - law enforcement professional
Paul Shapiro - Compassion Over Killing
Valerie Sicignano - In Defense of Animals
Doll Stanley - In Defense of Animals
Veda Stram - Animals Voice
Dulcie Taylor - musician
Will Tuttle - Karuna Music
Jerry Vlasak - Animal Defense League - LA
Shawn Vougeot - Sing For Animals
Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd International
Zoe Weil - Int'l Institute for Humane Education
Vernon Weir - American Sanctuaries Association
Adam Weissman - Activism Center At Wetlands Preserve
Susan Wieland - FARM
Joan Zacharias - Sierra Club Sustainable Consumption
Ghislain Zuccolo - Protection Mondiale des Animaux

But Wait....... Where Is The Vegan King?
You Don't Think Him Not Being On That List For Some Time Now Has Anything To Do With This, Do You?
Subject: Wayne Pacelle Answers Infiltrator
Date: July 14, 2001 at 9:13 am PST

Here's Wayne Pacelle's response to just one of the many distortions and statements taken out of context that Jim Beers is spreading on the Internet and elsewhere:
July 13, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

As you might expect, representatives from animal industry organizations attended the recently concluded AR 2001 conference near Washington, D.C. At least one representative from these interest groups is spreading some radical misinformation about what transpired. This observer claimed that I said the following during one of my presentations:

"we want to take as many of their rights as we can. We want to put them in prison; we want to take away their right to vote; we want to take away their right to own a gun."

The translator failed to note that I was referring to felons who commit animal abuse. In short, I mentioned that there are consequences for people who commit felony animal abuse. They lose their freedom, their gun rights, and voting rights, and that's as it should be. HSUS will continue to work to impose felony-level penalties on individuals who perpetrate acts of cruelty to animals, including animal fighting. Perhaps some of these individuals will think twice before violating the law and harming animals if they face the loss of their basic rights and privileges.

Wayne Pacelle
The Humane Society of the United States
Senior Vice President/Communications and Government Affairs
2100 L St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037


If You Were Dealing With Total Elimination Of All Animal Care And Use Who Would Not Be..........
......felons who commit animal abuse.......
Animal Rights 2004 brings our movement together under the banner of total animal liberation from human oppression.
You Don't Think Some AR Organizations Don't Want The Public To Know They Are Really After........ animal liberation......
Do You???????

The Elimination Of The Judeo-Christian Ethic - The Replacement Of A Religion?
When The HSUS Says...........
.......HSI returns to Russia to spread the gospel of westernized animal welfare........
Do You Get The Feeling A Religion Is Being Spread?
DOGS IN HEAVEN? Theologians speculate about pets' afterlife

By David Briggs

Heaven can't wait for a lot of family pets.

In some households, a dog's life could be considered paradise on earth. An indulgent baby-boomer generation has given rise to such institutions as doggie day care, doggie spas and doggie vacations.

But what about the next life? Do all dogs go to heaven?

Speculation has increased on the afterlife of pets as houses of worship respond to this new devotion by offering more services, such as the blessing of animals.

Several books, Web sites and religious services keep alive the memory of pets and offer hope to owners that death will not separate them from their animal loved ones.

In an animal memorial service at the Cleveland Buddhist Temple, Arlene Rosenberg joined other grieving owners in a ceremony celebrating their pets' lives. She placed a picture of her pooch, Golda, on the altar and talked about "the tremendous joy, empathy and compassion" the dog brought to her family.

Still fresh in her grief from her pet's death three weeks earlier, Rosenberg, a Jew from University Heights, Ohio, said she found the Buddhist service comforting.

"There's no doubt in my mind (Golda) has an incredibly beautiful soul," she said. "I feel very strongly that I will be reunited with her one day."

Pet owners need the reassurance that they will be reunited with their animal companions in the next life in much the same way as religious people cope with the death of a loved one with the belief that they will reunite in heaven, some observers say.

"It gives more than comfort," said Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, the author of Will I See Fido in Heaven. "Until they actually believe their pets are in heaven, they can't have any comfort."

Several trends, including the gradual historical change from animals serving an agricultural society to the modern pet culture and the growing animal-rights and environmental movements, have created serious interest in the spiritual life - and potential afterlife - of animals.

There are no direct biblical texts on the subject of animal afterlife. Instead, there are several theories as to whether pets, which are not considered capable of making conscious moral choices, can make it into heaven.

Some say that cats and dogs are ineligible for either heaven or hell because they do not have the mental capacity to make choices affecting salvation.

And that's not necessarily a bad thing for us, author Mark Twain pointed out. "Heaven goes by favor," Twain wrote. "If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in."

Others say that precisely because they are sinless, dogs and other animals will be restored in the new creation.

It wasn't animal sin that ruined the first Eden, and there is no reason that animals will be kept out of the kingdom to come, believers in pet afterlife say. They point to the presence of animals in the images of heaven in Revelation.

"To think about animal resurrection means that these bodies are valued and will be restored," writes Stephen H. Webb, the author of On God and Dogs: A Christian Theology of Compassion for Animals."It means that their lives, as well as their deaths, will have to be treated with respect."



Spreading The Gospel?
Back in the Former U.S.S.R.: HSI Returns to Russia for Second Workshop
....During two days in May 2003, Humane Society International hosted a workshop in Moscow, which was open to animal welfare workers across the former Soviet Union........
Surely You Don't Think The HSI Or HSUS Had Anything To Do With Anything Like This?
History of the Russian Animal Liberation far.

On 12 July 2003 a RALF Supporters Group (RALF SG) began its work by opening a website "Earth and Animals Liberation" and by printing a series of leaflets and stickers.

On the night of 2-3 September 2003, for the first time in the capital of Russia two fur and one hunting shops were attacked. It's worth noting that one of these shops is situated in the building of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. This Ministry more than any other state structure is responsible for animal abuse in Russia.

When RALF members were painting the shop windows with protest slogans, the shop guard slept soundly on the sofa on the other side of the windows. RALF SG received a communique, which says addressing animal abusers: "You need to remember that we will continue causing economic damage to the animal killers, until they stop their bloody business. Nothing will stop us."

From September 2003 till May 2004, 18 more shops (meat, fur and hunting) were attacked in Moscow. On New Years Eve of 2004 and afterwards RALF activists several times spray-painted protest slogans on "The Diplomat Hunting Club".

RALF members use the Internet in their actions. They found a way to break into the pager of Sochi circus director, who received a thousand messages urging him to stop animal abuse. In 2001 a guest book of the Russian-language website in support of corrida was broken into. At the end of 2003 action against Huntingdon Life Sciences was carried out. 100,000 protest messages were sent to the e-mail addresses of its employees every 24 hours.

At the very initial stages of actions only economic sabotage was practiced, but no animals were set free. On World Day for Animals in Laboratories, RALF SG received a message that some animals were liberated. On 21 April 2004 RALF activists managed to get into the laboratory of the institute named after Anokhin, Russian Medical Academy. They freed 119 frogs and their eggs. Slogans spray-painted on the walls stated: "We Freed These Animals! Now They Will See the Sun!", "Vivisection has No Justification!" etc. All frogs and their eggs were taken to the wetland outside the city.

The news about the next action followed quickly. On 8 May 2004, 110 rats and 5 rabbits disappeared from the laboratory of Moscow State University Biological Department. These animals were used in experiments against alcoholism and drugs. Rats were fed drugs and alcohol, and rabbits had electrodes inserted in their heads.

When vivisectors came to work, they found the doors of their laboratory, all animal cages and equipment broken. The walls of the lab were decorated with signs which read: "No Experiments on Animals!", "Shame on Vivisection!" etc.

Communique released a few days later confirmed that the action was carried out by the RALF. It said that not a single animal was left in the lab and that all of them are now safe in good homes.

Lab employees and militia people could not figure out how animal liberators got into the building and left it with all the animals without being noticed.

20 days after the event, RALF activists decided to visit the lab again. Their goal was to see whether there were any new animals in the lab. First they found a new door, this time a metal one with security camera. RALF activists broke the door and got into the lab. There were no animals inside.

Clearly these actions are only a beginning of a bigger movement of animal liberation in Russia. More frequently RALF is mentioned in media. One can see stickers with slogans "Direct action? Just Do It!", "Who will protect them, if not you?". And also graffiti calling to stop cruelty towards animals.

RALF SG continuously updates its website with the information about direct action in defense of animal rights all around the world. The website gives recommendations on safety and access to multimedia files with possibility to download them. One can find out how to help A.L.F. activists including those who are imprisoned. On the territory of Russia at present no animal liberators, or Earth liberators activists are imprisoned.

From Oct 2003 until May 2004, RALF SG circulated 25 issues of updates. In addition to information about A.L.F. there are periodic materials on Earth liberation and actions towards it.



Spreading The Gospel, Again?
.......HSI and The HSUS are heading back to Russia in July for another workshop. This time, they'll be setting up shop in St. Petersburg, from July 8-10, where they'll be covering topics from A to Z,........

Does Any Animal Owner Think They Will Be Left Out?
One More Step On The Way To A Total Ban Of Ownership?
Exotic animal ban could silence call of the wild
Albany -- Owners outraged by proposal to curb ownership of pets
Fur is flying over a ban on ownership and breeding of "wild" animals now awaiting Gov. George Pataki's signature.

The measure, passed by the Legislature in June, would also require current owners of such animals to apply to the state Department of Environmental Conservation for a permit to keep their pets at an annual cost of up to $80 per animal.




Does The AR Culture Of Hate Fit Right In?

America’s Growing Culture of Hate

Linda S. Heard

Arab News

CAIRO, 6 July 2004 — Islamophobia is alive and well in the US, starting with the authorities down to individuals such as radio talk show host Jay Severin who, according to the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claimed that Muslims want to take over America even if it takes centuries, adding “I’ve got an idea. Let’s all kill Muslims”. Amazingly Severin is still in his job, although he has been forced to apologize on air.

CAIR has also filed complaints over an offensive skit on the March 10 Bill Handel show on KFI AM 640 entitled “the New Iraqi Constitution — Handelized”. In it, a voice purporting to be that of a Muslim says: “Kill all Jews”, and complains of “the infidel custom of bathing on a regular basis”.

The Council has additionally demanded an apology from syndicated radio commentator Paul Harvey, who when talking about cockfighting in Iraq said: “Add to the thirst for blood a religion, which encourages killing, and it is entirely understandable if Americans come to this bloody party unprepared”.




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